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| Thursday, January 18, 2018
Police veterans I thank the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence who will review and redress the police back pay (FT 17/1). These veterans have kept the peace wherever they served. Let's not forget them. Amenatave Yaconisau, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Census report

Could the authorities explain what was the basis of not releasing the ethnicity breakdown of Fiji with the 2017 Fiji census report?

Do they think this information may cause some disturbing reaction from some people or what?

Emosi Balei,


Thoughts on life

Saw behind a big car the slogan "Life is an adventure. Enjoy the ride". Then saw in the front page of The Fiji Times "Students brave river currents" and on page 4 "Lack of transport hampers charity's efforts" (FT 17/01). Life clearly is not a joy-ride for all. We must always spare a thought for whom it isn't.

Rajend Naidu,

Raiwai, Suva

CVC champs

Congratulation to the Babasiga Lions soccer team for winning the CVC and beating a star-studded Lautoka side with nine men. Awesome victory and all the best for the new season.

Amrita V. Sharma,

Caubati, Nasinu

ATS issue

Finally the ATS saga will be coming to an end. One can only imagine the productivity hours that have been lost. I hope the management realised the real issue. Vinaka Felix and Dan for fighting for the workers!

John Brown,

Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

Fiji Government

Uncle Allen has a preference Narayan Reddy. To support the opposition! That is his democratic right. Or is it left? No matter. End of the day, it should be the Fiji Government. Whichever party forms it. Get it? What say you, the Wise.


Drasa Ave, Lautoka

A different view

I wish to comment on Tukai Lagonilakeba's letter (FT 17/01) regarding a specific phrase which he states about the majority of ordinary citizens living in squatter settlements, interior of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu having no business at all regarding the ATS saga and wish to inform him that they do.

Citizens, irrespective of the residential locality are monitoring this saga very well because of the livelihood of the affected people involved.

How would you feel if you were locked out of your own house for a month and counting with your personal belongings locked in as well?

Suli Tokalau,


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