High value on education

Fred Wesley | Thursday, January 18, 2018
Education is important for many reasons. It allows us to raise the stakes in our lives.

It allows us to raise our living standards, have a better chance of being employed, and does set the platform for positive development.

There are great chances of family members and other close associates being motivated as well, thus laying the foundation for a greater number of people being positively impacted.

Along the way, we gain knowledge, and discover new things, and subsequently contribute positively to the growth of our nation.

The base though is education.

The challenge then falls on parents and guardians to inculcate in our young charges the need to embrace learning.

There should be great value placed on education and why it is important for us as individuals first.

This is why today's front page report on the students of Naqalimare in the province of Nadroga/Navosa is an apt reminder for us all.

They have a story that screams out commitment, enthusiasm and a willingness to overcome obstacles to gain an education.

It is about a support base that is willing to brave the elements to ensure children have that opportunity to further their knowledge and boost their future.

The students and their parents and guardians brave the cold conditions of the Sigatoka River daily when they swim across to attend school.

They do not just hop onto a bus and commute to school.

They sit on inflated tubes, holding on to their school gear and are pushed across the Sigatoka River to get to school.

They repeat the cycle at the end of classes to get back home.

The river can get very cold in the mornings. But it obviously is a sacrifice they all are willing to take for the sake of education.

As they all wait for repairs to be completed on the boat that usually transfers them across the river, parents and guardians will continue to swim across with their charges, help them change into their school uniforms once they get to dry land, attend school and prepare for the return leg home after that.

It sounds like a vicious cycle. But this is the reality of their lives.

We can learn a powerful lesson here about the value some people attach to education, and how much they appreciate it. They are willing to break down barriers to get an education.

The State has emphasised the importance of education. It has made no bones about its focus on this aspect of our development as a nation.

The onus is on every parent and guardian to embrace the opportunity. We pray for the safety of the children of Naqalimare and hope their boat is fixed soon.

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