Road upgrade

Davendra Sharma,Suva | Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I believe the road upgrading works in the Suva/ Nausori corridor is a mess.

I fail to understand why the Fiji Roads Authority does not plan their work in a better way.

They should have completed one roundabout at a time.

It's all in mess. Weather has made it worse. So far I believe not a single kilometre of road is complete apart from the two new bridges.

FRA and LTA should wake up and do something to avoid long traffic jams, and delays to work and school.

I believe these delays are costing the nation and ordinary citizens millions of dollars. FRA should have completed Suva to Nausori road before digging all over the place in the name of upgrading. The FRA, LTA and government ministers do not feel the pain because they don't pay for their vehicle maintenance.

I am not against upgrading but it should be better planned and executed.

The LTA should play a more active role in controlling traffic at peak hours rather than just booking motorists.

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