Ganging up

Tukai Lagonilakeba,Namaka, Nadi | Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I believe the involvement of our trade unionists from around Fiji with politicians such as the FLP's Mahendra Chaudhry with those from SODELPA and the NFP is an indication that these people have conveniently ganged up again to grasp the opportunity to directly campaign against FijiFirst and our PM Mr Bainimarama. I believe that is the ultimate aim and the hidden agenda of the march.

I believe the welfare of the ATS workers who are on strike is secondary and I would like to urge all of you unionists from the FTUC, FTA, NFU, FCTU, FASA, ATSET to stop riding on the back of these poor unsuspecting Fijian souls on strike.

Can you all put your money where your mouth is and resign from your union positions to join any political party of your choice whether it be FLP, NFP or SODELPA to challenge the ruling party in government?

Please do not run out of steam before this year's national election only to again subject yourselves to a total overwhelming rejection that resulted in the natural death of both the PDP and the FLP when they did not win a seat in our 2014 election.

I believe the majority of ordinary Fijians from the remotest of our maritime islands and the interiors of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu with those from the informal settlements and major squatter settlements could not care less about what is happening at ATS as it is not their business.

I believe they simply do not pay attention to political rhetoric but are grateful to the government of the day for providing and giving them access to good health facilities, connection to clean drinking water, new bridges and new upgraded roads and drainage, the many river dredging now being undertaken, free education grants and bus fares, TELS for equal excess to all our local Fijian tertiary institutions, government subsidy on electricity, water, medicine, social welfare and poverty alleviation, investments and job creation, they are forever grateful to the availability and easy access to medical facilities and surgeries that are now made available here at home at an affordable price with government subsidies as opposed to the very expensive overseas evacuations for the same treatment and many more.

Our Government has prioritised the decentralisation of its services everywhere around Fiji as dictated to by our 2013 Constitution, many of them are saying it is the first time a Fijian PM and his ministers have set foot and visited them in their settlements and villages where none from the past have ever done.

Business for Government goes on irrespective of whether there is a strike or no strike, it does not matter and that is the way it should be.

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