E-ticketing issues

Hans B Boernke,Savusavu | Tuesday, January 16, 2018

With reference to Edward Kumar's letter (FT 12/01) on the balances of disposable etickets, it's real sad to see how consumers are being left disappointed and losing money.

I also use the 68 cents fare mostly. The $5 card drags the least loss of 24 cents, the $10 card draws a loss of 48 cents. So the smallest card of $2 draws the heaviest loss missing the stage fare by four cents only.

But the problem with fancy balances occurs on normal e-ticketing cards too. I believe one never gets down to zero.

While lots of people still get paid weekly why can't we recharge bus fares for one week like $8.20 or $15.55?

As any nation Fiji wants to become a vibrant and modern society and the economy is one aspect of that only.

However, I believe in a democracy one would expect to be given a choice even when it comes down to paying bus fares.

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