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| Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Water shutdown

Thank you Vasenai Raibevu at the WAF headquarters for confirming that Balawa won't be affected during the planned water shutdown next month. This has been the subject of our conversation during our past few grog sessions. Since Kava Pl will be affected, I look forward to inviting my uncle Allen to use our upstairs bathroom for hot showers to rehydrate his kanikani skin.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

Teachers' test

It's not just the English test but please the pronunciation as well. I do not want my kids to be pronouncing "Pacific" as "Pas-fik.

Suli Tokalau


New bridge

The recently-opened Vatuwaqa bridge is now in use and it has dramatically eased the traffic flow that has been a pain in the neck for regular motorists using that road section. The newly-constructed bridge looks proper except for a water line valve extruding out in the middle of the footpath. By the look of its location, it may not be possible for a wheel chair or baby stroller to easily pass through. One wonders the reason for such obstruction. Have the WAF/SCC been consulted?

Samu Silatolu


Fuel prices

I believe the recent increase in fuel prices announced by the minister is really unjustified. Whenever there is a decrease, it's only one cent or three cents but when an increase, I believe it's unrealistic. Can the minister concerned show documentary proof of price increase to the people of this nation.

Rajesh Lal


Flooded rivers

When will our people learn not to cross flooded rivers and not to drive on flooded roads. It was upsetting to see so many children playing in flooded drains and even some were playing on flooded roads. People were putting their lives at risk playing in flooded drains. If a life was lost then the blame game would have started again. People need to take responsibility!

Narayan Reddy


Get it right

Narayan Reddy, it is not and I quote, "My government" (FT 15/1). I suggest you refrain from saying "my government" because you sound absurd. You alone did not vote them in. Neither it is Bainimarama's government. It is the people's government. Get it right my boy!

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

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