Show of support

Vijay Naidu,Raiwai, Suva | Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It was really pleasing to read (FT 14/01) about the huge number of Fijian workers, trade union and political leaders, and civil society activities march through the Jet Set town to express their strong support for ATS workers.

From two founders of ATS, Naquilevu and Campbell to young human rights activists, the diversity of those present was awesome.

I believe the rekindling of trade union solidarity is crucial to address the numerous labour reforms including short-term contracts for public servants that I believe have eroded job security and workers' rights in Fiji and most other countries of the world, and have aggravated income inequality between the rich and the poor.

They have enriched the 1 per cent and the expense of the 99 per cent and put the squeeze on the middle class the world over.

Even the International Monetary Fund has stated that the weakening of trade unions has contributed to inequality at country and global levels.

I am especially pleased that the teachers and their unions stood up against the Minister for Education's efforts to dissuade the teachers from participating in solidarity with other workers of the country.

I believe he appears not to understand the fundamental principles of trade unionism and collective bargaining.

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