Fijian caregivers

Colin Deoki,Australia | Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Your article about Fijian caregivers (FT 13/01), that the Government is considering opening up more countries so that our caregivers get to work overseas is very promising.

While this is great news for many in the industry, there's also a great market within Fiji that needs to be tapped.

Not just the local market but "inviting" overseas retirees who'd like to spend their twilight years in the peace and tranquil surroundings of our magnificent islands.

I can honestly say that the quality of the people in this industry is second to none as our Fijian caregivers are the kindest, most loving and genuinely compassionate people on planet Earth and this from personal family experience.

Perhaps the Government, together with interested commercial operations, could also consider setting up communal retirement homes close to villages in the many locations around the country which could serve multiple purposes in the way of providing employment as well as many other opportunities that will present themselves.

This could provide people engaged in the health and wellbeing industries even greater prospects of employment while helping ease urban migration.

It's one way of releasing the strain on accommodation especially in the main centres around Fiji including many other services that come under extreme pressure with urban drift and sprawl.

Fiji's potential as a "retirement" destination should be explored as it could open up amazing opportunities.

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