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| Saturday, January 13, 2018
Third hottest year

Now that our Australian family are beginning to feel the brunt of climate change regarding its third hottest year in record, one needs to ask a very simple question.

"What wrong have they done?"

I must say, we need to learn from them and differentiate right from wrong.

Suli Tokalau, Lautoka

2017 census

Partially the 2017 census results came out earlier this week.

According to the results, our population stands at 884,887 compared to 837,271 when last count was done in 2007.

Interestingly, the result also reveals that we have not yet crossed the one million mark.

It is also revealed that the decline in the growth of the population is due to migration and low birth rate.

In my view the country's population doesn't really matter as long as people live happily. Let us thank all for making the count successful.

Suresh Chand, Nadi

Professional beggars

Have you noticed the number of beggars increasing during the festive season and some regulars actually get picked and dropped off, just like going to work.

We have an old man that comes in every second day to change his coins, and he gets roughly about $50 whenever he brings his coins, now that's like more than what some of us get in a day.

Others use their disability to effect and then you wonder where are those that champion the rights of disabled people?

Whatever their reasons are, we sure do have some professional beggars on our streets, and people say times are hard.

Lawrence Wara, Suva

Drainage maintenance

So 11 municipalities will receive drainage maintenance under the Government's grant.

Hope the next grant would be for rivers.

Good luck to the Waterways Minister Honourable Reddy who'll be trying to eliminate our flooding crisis. (No, not Narayan Reddy!)

Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka

Rural students

Could the Government help those students in the Naitasiri remote areas and other parts of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Ovalau, Koro, Lakeba, Ra and Vanuabalavu?

I believe they are at present using carriers as a means of transportation to school.

You install console machines in the buses but not carriers. What will happen to those students?

Can they be helped?

Alex Waqalevu, Lautoka

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