Fiji experts

Rajend Naidu,, Raiwai, Suva | Friday, January 12, 2018
On the same day (6/01) that the former governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji Savenaca Narube wrote his piece titled "Analysing the economy" in The Fiji Times, I met a bloke who gave me his unsolicited views on the Fiji economy.

I asked him if he had read Narube's article. He hadn't.

Narube, of course is eminently qualified to speak on the Fiji economy. In the article mentioned he asks "what do the facts say?" about "the performance of Fiji's economy".

In today's Fiji I discover there are "local experts" on virtually everything — politics, governance, economy, crime, etc. — who do not bother about acquainting themselves with the relevant literature. Or with the facts!

But they regard themselves as authorities on all things Fijian.

Interesting, isn't it?

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