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| Thursday, January 11, 2018
Termite infestation Over recent years, I believe some houses in the vicinity of Lautoka City had been intensively damaged by termites. I believe Biosecurity has been treating this with some kind of chemical which only gives temporary relief. I believe people whose houses are damaged are suffering in silence. I believe they are in this situation and it's no fault of theirs. I believe the Lautoka City council, the Biosecurity Authority of Fiji and the Government are all silent on this issue. Retired people like me, who have no other source of income and rely solely on rental income from our houses, are in a dire situation. As far as I know there is no assistance available from Government for those whose houses are damaged. I would like to hear from relevant authorities if there is any provision for compensation for people like us. Ajay Singh Natabua, Lautoka



Hey Allen, Wise and gang. Please do without a mix for the four days of planned water cut. You will save for better use and at the same time better your looks, at least.

Imagine four days of saving on grog, bonbon and butterfly.



Right and


I just cannot swallow and digest the reason why some wrong, forbidden or taboo acts are somehow made to look totally proper, decent, and very righteous.

Please fellow readers, do not mix the two. The world is in such a mess that whatever is a sin is somehow made to look righteous.

Suli Tokalau




Every angle you see if you watch the TV of the annual event, the blue cap square bottle will not miss your eyes. Great marketing Fiji Water.

Fiji Water was on every table at the Golden Globe Awards.

Tomasi Boginiso

Nepani, Nasinu



With all the chit chat about sevens rugby, I have only one question to ask the national coach. With the thousands of rugby sevens players available locally, why pick the two 15s players from Fiji Drua?

Even my uncle Allen can run faster than them.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

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