Identification cards

Satish Nakched, Suva | Thursday, January 11, 2018
I visited a police station in Suva and was very professionally served and prompt action was taken by the young energetic police officers on duty.

They had excellent customer service and looked very smart in their uniforms.

The only fault that I could pick out was that almost all of them had illegible, worn-out identification cards displayed on their uniforms.

The identification cards were too dull and could not be seen even at close range.

The police officer who served me had a different card formation than the other police officer who was also present there.

The card on the first officer had his name printed in very small font size which could not be clearly seen at the top of the card together with his number which was slightly below.

The only information on the card that was visible was the words Fiji Police Force.

The name and the number are very important and should be read without any difficulties.

Having different types of identification card can be subject to abuse of the system as it will be difficult to detect.

I believe the police identification cards must have standard and uniformity to eliminate any confusion that may arise.

Out of the four police officers on duty that morning only one had a name badge and I suggest that the name badges become a part of the uniform also as this will greatly improve the service that is provided and also the image of the force.

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