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| Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Legalising pot If smoking and cultivating marijuana is something that people are going to continue to do and it is not having a significant adverse effect on their lives or endangering the public, then maybe it's time to start seriously considering taking steps towards decriminalisation. Don't you think? Wise Muavono Balawa, Lautoka

Police website

I believe it is outdated and needs an urgent upgrade. Please remember to include contact details, complaint and query forms. I believe it is an important site and needs urgent consideration.

Vinod Kumar


Drinking bars

I always laugh and have a good stress less time when upon listening to radios that I tend to hear names or titles of drinking holes or bars around the country. We have Ugavule bar in Vatulele Koro, Bonbon bar, Bar Ni Laione in Nasinu I guess, Mocelutu bar in Kasavu Savusavu, Kopiko bar, Ice Cream bar, Golan Height bar, Adi Adresu Bar, Adi A'isi bar, Lip Stick bar in Lautoka and to top it all off the House of Pain bar somewhere in Rewa. These are only some of the drinking holes or bars that I hear but there are a whole lot of them. Happy New Year!

Joji O Toronibau

Navetau, Tunuloa, Cakaudrove

Sports award

If only all rugby players and fans and the whole Fijian population would agree with me to award the Nadroga Rugby Union with the premium sports award for their tremendous performances in rugby 15s and let their names and photographs be hung from the Sports Hall of Fame. It is long overdue.

Alex Waqalevu


What's next

Now that the festive season of 2017 and the New Year celebrations are over or perhaps phasing out, the next goal is working towards losing weight especially trimming down those "belly fats". Generally the festive season and the new year are perhaps the most observant period where a majority of the population are engaged into "adlib feeding" or "unrestricted eating" - signifying the celebration and excitement of the occasion. The fact that the Pacific is known for living and surviving communally, the sharing of food among family, friends and neighbours is the "glue" that bonds us. Apparently most of my colleagues New Year's resolution is to lose weight to support healthy living which I proudly support. Therefore, my motivation phrase for us is to "eat sensibly and exercise regularly" and this includes reducing kava and alcohol intake and working towards the challenging part of "stop smoking". All in all, nothing is impossible because it's all about having a "positive mental attitude". Best wishes to everyone!

Spencer Robinson


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