| Tuesday, January 9, 2018


So the officer driving the police vehicle involved in an accident at the weekend was coming back from his village instead of patrolling as he had initially said. Wow! Wish I could also drive a police vehicle and just cruise around with my uncle Allen.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka



I also got ripped off a few times by the coconut sellers because of the way they cut the green part of the coconut and make the coconuts look really big and sell them for $2.50 in Labasa. Just because you climb a tree, it is not a good excuse to charge someone $5 for a green coconut. One way of increasing the coconut production is through the Ministry of Agriculture. They should provide hybrid coconut seeds to anyone who is interested in planting a hybrid coconut. The advantage of a hybrid coconut tree is for five or six years after it starts fruiting you do not have to climb the tree.

Sukha Singh



is near

It is only six days or so to term one, 2018 for all our Fijian children. Many places in our beloved country are still celebrating the new year by beating lali and drums, painting others with mud etc. Please shorten your celebration, we are in a new millennium.

Those are things of the past. We better change our mind-set and move on from there. It has taken us back a lot. School is near. We must prepare and groom our children for the start of the 2018 school year. Be alert and think well ahead.

Alex Waqalevu




The announced plan to introduce anti-corruption syllabus as a lesson to be taught in schools (FT 08/01/18), I suggest, could await the implementation of other inter-connected institutions as set out in the 2013 Constitution; this is to complement this effort and render it a meaningful addition to school teaching. I believe the Transparency and Accountability Commission when implemented will open up space for citizens to exercise their right to send complaints and ask questions of civil servants for instance. I believe there is the freedom of information which is yet to be enacted. I believe Information Act now in place falls short of this freedom. Having a National Anti-corruption Curriculum is all very well but I would insist that students will be helped to exercise their conscience and learn to practise good governance.

Rev Akuila D. Yabaki


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