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| Monday, January 8, 2018
Daylight saving Sunrise yesterday, Sunday, January 7 was at 6.37am. It was still dark at 6am so please can we end the daylight saving a day after this letter is printed. Please note daylight saving never had any effect on me even when I was working because I stay in town. The best way to make use of sunlight is to buy a few solar panels, a regulator, a cheap car battery and 12 volt DC lights and use free lighting system in your homes. Sukha Singh, Labasa

Friendly chat

Isa my friend Wise is lonely.

Now he is calling me uncle.

O cei nomu uncle.

If I was in Mulomulo I'd get you to have a sponge bath with my horse.

Allen Lockington,

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Sea water

Since we use electric motors for pumping the water we drink and use for cleaning and flushing toilets, why can't we use sea water for flushing toilets? Since all our plumbing is done with PVC there will be no pipe rusting. If there is a fresh water cut we can always bath with the sea water.

Sukha Singh,


Happy nation

Was Fiji's national debt taken into consideration before being declared the happiest nation in the world?

And a quick search on Google has revealed otherwise - it confirms Denmark as the happiest country.

Fiji was sadly not even ranked in the top 10.

Nishant Singh,


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