Weather change

Spencer Robinson, Suva | Monday, January 8, 2018
It was so awesome the other day to have a few bowls of kava with my colleagues. It was during this informal gathering that a very popular topic for discussion was the "extreme hot weather conditions in the Central Division".

The past few days were indeed very hot with the heat almost equivalent to a bakery oven. It is unusual for the Central Division which is famous for its rainy and cool weather. A friend argued that this is one typical example of "climate change", which signifies weather aberration or variations.

Another friend had the audacity to complain of such hot weather conditions indicating that it should like "rain already". It's really funny when most people in Suva complain of the "wet" and "cold" weather and saying that they miss the 'hot sunshine' for their laundry and beddings — when in fact during the hot weather we are facing they desire that it rains again like old times. What an attitude?

In addition, another colleague argued that there is something called 'climate change adaptation and mitigation'.

While this sounded very technical to most of the already grog-doped colleagues, the theme of his message was that we must be thankful for whatever weather conditions we are going to experience in this lifetime and at the same time adapt to these changes.

All in all, please do take care during this very hot weather and remember to drink a lot of fluids such as clean safe water or green coconut water and abstain from carbonated and processed drinks.

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