Water shutdown

Selwa Nandan, Lautoka | Monday, January 8, 2018
WHILE the Water Authority of Fiji may have good reasons to schedule the planned water shutdown in Nadi and Lautoka for the week of February 3-5, I believe the best time would have been during the school holidays to minimise disruptions to classes.

It would have saved costs too in terms of cartage of water to schools.

The interests and needs of all key stakeholders should have been taken into consideration in consultation with relevant ministries when setting the date.

We are not talking about one day cut here. Managing without piped water for four days is not going to be easy.

Some schools have a population of more than 600 students and staff members and over 5000 litres of water are flushed out by the toilet systems on a daily basis. Leave alone their other consumption needs.

I hope the storage tanks that will be placed in strategic locations will be accessible to the residents so they can hand carry the water in containers to their homes.

Let's pray that mother nature will be merciful and bless us with some rain to enable us to harvest some rain water.

This crisis will be timely reminder of the importance of practising water conservation.

Restrictions should be imposed on using water for gardening and washing of cars during this period.

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