| Saturday, January 6, 2018

Daylight saving

I AM so glad daylight savings is coming to an end.

Now my wife, children and my grandchildren will stop nagging me.

I hope the Bainimarama Government does a survey to find out if daylight saving had any benefits. For long people have been asking and no one actually did a survey.


Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

Work on pool

WHATEVER happened to the Lautoka Botanical Garden swimming pool?

I see some work going on. When will it be finished?


Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Nausori airport

CAN the authorities concerned please look at opening a restaurant at the above airport.

I believe what you have at the moment is not satisfying the needs of the travelling public.

I believe cakes and pies are not the answer. And that too at exorbitant prices!



Rent freeze

SO another year goes by with another rent freeze.

While it is easy to make a sweeping decision such as this to counter unscrupulous landlords, what about the landlords who have been charging reasonable rents?

Why should they be penalised? The cost of living has gone up over the years the freeze has been in place.

So landlords' return on investments have dwindled, and for some it could be their only source of income.

So please be fair. Why not allow landlords to increase rents on individual applications based on merit?

At least that's reasonable so that the good landlords are not victimised unfairly.

Norman Yee

Martintar, Nadi

Talanoa session

IT is good to see Prime Minister Bainimarama back on the road and holding talanoa sessions beginning in Jerusalem ? his home of Tailevu (FT 5/1). Now sir, if your motorcade just continued down that beautiful road to Nadi, you would be in time for tea at the ATS workers' camp.

Are you interfering? No! Are you undermining your ministers?

No! No! I believe you are just dropping by to see fellow Fiji citizens at Nadi and to say "Hi, my thoughts are with you", in the true Christmas and Fijian spirit. Sega na leqa you are the Prime Minister of Fiji.

Korina Waibuta


Happiest Fiji

Was minimum wage, cost of living, owning a land and house, and ease of starting a business considered before this rating?

Steven Chandra


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