Relevant questions

Kirti Patel, Lautoka | Saturday, January 6, 2018
SO the global research polls have come up with Fiji being one of the happiest countries. Good as it may sound, the reality can be vice versa.

What are people supposed to say to strangers with a pen and paper who get hold of them to ask "are you happy, very happy, unhappy or very unhappy?"

Common, give it a break. How many would actually open up in front of other people specially in front of a stranger with those kinds of questions?

I suggest if they really want to get the real picture, then meet the people, make friends with them, sit with them and listen to them.

Give it a week or two and then if it feels right, ask. Life is such. Some will reveal what they really feel and some might keep it to themselves.

A two-minute question, that too from a stranger, cannot indicate if people are happy or sad.

How about if the authorities ask some other constructive questions such as "do you prefer daylight saving or not and why? What do you think about the ATS saga and how it can be resolved? What can be done to curb traffic issues and overcrowding?

There are many more important and relevant questions to ask rather than publicly asking people about their happiness status.

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