Tsunami sirens

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva | Saturday, January 6, 2018
I HAD a laugh when I read in the online fijione tv news on 27/12 that five to 10 tsunami sirens will be erected around the greater Suva area.

We are told that we have only two at the moment, one in Lami and one in Laucala Bay.

Why I laughed was because I heard a siren go off here in Lakeba St, Samabula, a couple of days before Christmas, when we were going through some freakish weather patterns and people were talking about a tsunami hitting Fiji.

My first reaction was a loud announcement, "tsunami warning"!

My brother's taxi was parked in the driveway and within minutes, our six-year-old big Tuvalu neighbour was trying to wake the taxidriver: "Talatala, can you please take us up to higher ground?"

I laughed when I realised that it was 10am and that siren went off to tell workers in the factory down the road that it was their morning tea break!

This young boy deserves an award, that even if it was false alarm, he was quick to put what is taught in school to practise.

Could we in Suva have a trial run one of these days, by getting both the sirens going off and gauging the reaction speed of Suva siders?

We need to practise now because we never know when a tsunami will strike!

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