Allen Lockington, Lautoka | Saturday, January 6, 2018
DON'T let innocent faces fool you

Last week, I was hanging our clothes when I saw two boys, 10 or 12 year olds, walk up my neighbour's driveway.

One went to the door and started rattling it ready hard and calling, "Aunty, we came to pick the dog".

I knew the house was empty and there was no dog. When I said there was no dog, the smaller boy said. "The sign on the gate says beware of dogs".

Upon me asking more questions, he said their mom had sent them to take care of the dog.

Then I asked them where they came from, they pointed to the back.

I became suspicious and told them to wait for me.

That's when they ran away.

I must say, they had come prepared to answer questions. It takes courage to walk in during the day with no fear.

These two have started very early.

Folks, don't let innocent faces fool you.

Daring this festive season, some will be desperate and may steal to have a good one.

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