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| Friday, January 5, 2018
ATS issue CAN the unions and political parties make way for the relevant board and of course the workers to find out a workable solution to this impasse? I'm worried about the welfare of the workers. I believe political parties, unions and other groups have their own interest that may jeopardise the future of our friends who are crying for a simple but a real plea to the right authority. Waisale Moce Nadarivatu



IN reply to John Brown's letter regarding the cleaning of the so-called Sukanaivalu market, I would like to inform the learned gentleman that the early morning clean-up is done on a voluntary basis. I am the contractor that you may have referred to.

I am part of a group that does community work and I would like to invite you to come and help us as we clean other parts of Lautoka on a regular basis. It's all about civic pride!

Narayan Reddy




United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are threatening nuclear war.

They seem to have many nuclear buttons and are very eager to press them. I am very confused.

Are they from the same "nuclear" family? I believe one is the father of nuclear bombs and the other the daddy of atomic bombs.

As the US-North Korea war of words threaten to escalate into an actual war, both the father and daddy need to be reminded that in a nuclear war, all men are cremated equal.


Rewa St, Suva



WHAT are the actual hours our civil service doctors work?

Do they work normal eight-hour shifts or 24 hours or longer?

John Brown

Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka



I believe Electoral Commission chair Suresh Chandra has indicated that 19 recommendations posed by Multinational Observers Group (MOG) following the 2014 Elections are being implemented, one of which is the following: "To ensure the credibility of the electoral process, it is necessary to also include the participation of domestic accredited non-partisan election observers'.

To my mind this is one of the key recommendations.

Is this being implemented to be ready for free and fair elections?

Rev Akuila D Yabaki


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