Road craze

T Valentine, Lami | Friday, January 5, 2018
TO all speedsters wishing to break the 1 mile record, there is a perfect venue for you.

For those already in the know are constantly changing their times, getting shorter and faster once gradients and loads are worked out.

From 10 wheelers (who seem to be back on this route again, carting chips l presume to the cement factory) and carriers flying in from the West bringing in vegies and root crops and much-needed kava.

And as the winners by a long margin (probably because they frequently ply this route four, sometimes five times daily) are minibuses.

Boy, do these guys fly! You see the best thing about this stretch is there's only one speed camera and no speed humps.

The best times for this run is between the hours of 3am and 5am. There is nobody on the roadside. All sensible folks are in bed. Grog swipers are long gone. Stray dogs are busy howling at the neighbour's tree, even better there's no police and better still no LTA.

Once past that hotel and speed camera, hit that pedal to the metal and feel that adrenaline rush.

Remember there's only been five accidents in the past four years along here, most of them fatal.

New Year's message to all speedsters — if you want to fly, buy a plane.

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