Military Tattoo

Avesi Kalokalo, Ba | Friday, January 5, 2018
ON December 23 I watched on television the replay of the Fiji Military Tattoo held at the ANZ Stadium.

It was impressive and flawless and every Fijian who watched this performance would definitely be proud of our armed and defence forces.

A particular segment that caught my attention was the martial arts display and the use of swords. I hereby offer my suggestion to the Fiji military if they could learn the use of our own traditional weaponry and form of warfare (for display purposes only, of course).

It is understood that martial arts and the eastern oriental self-defence mechanism has proven to be effective and universally standardised.

Nevertheless, we are ever borrowing foreign concepts and lest we forget how equally formidable our ancient Bati were.

Archived witness accounts from early Europeans describe how terrifyingly accurate our predecessors used different war clubs on foes, whether near or at a distance during combat. This would keep buoyant our traditions and culture in an IT/tech era that is globalising at a rapid rate. Lest we forget.

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