| Thursday, January 4, 2018

THE new billboards read "Treat all Fijians equally".

Can ATS treat the lockout workers equally?

John Brown

Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka


MORE than 250 ordinary Fijian workers spent Christmas and Boxing Day away from the their homes.

They welcomed the New Year sitting over drains by the roadside.

Is there a word to describe how ATS workers have been treated by their management over the past 19 days?

Kelvin Anthony

Namadi Heights, Suva

Bonn cyclists

THE bicycle curiosity revealed to us by Sukha Singh (FT 3/1) is definitely a "walk the talk" indication for those who went to Bonn.

Instead of any curtailment, we have advertisements on TV promoting use of dirty fuel.

We should be promoting electric cars and renewable source of energy like wind, water, and sun, otherwise it is an excursion tour.

Amenatave Yaconisau

Palm Drive, Delainavesi, Lami

Law and order

OUR police are doing their best to keep law and order in the country and our traffic department is trying to keep our roads safe too.

At present we have RBT (random breath test) for our vehicle drivers and now I feel it is time to also introduce RDT (random drug test).

With the increase in use of drugs in the country, drivers using drugs are very dangerous on the roads.

We have to nip it in the bud so that all road users are safe at all times.

What say Mr Police Commissioner.

Nardeo Mishra


Early start

HAS this been made known to the teachers well before that time?

Teachers are humans and must be treated as such.

These are the very batch of our workers who struggle behind the stage to educate our children.

Alex Waqalevu


Morning walk

Every morning when I go for my morning walk I see the cleaner of Lautoka market emptying the rubbish tins at the new Sukunivalu Rd market.

I wonder why they don't come and clean the area the way they clean Lautoka market?

Please Lautoka City Council can you ask your contractor to clean the Sukunivalu Rd market the way they clean and wash Lautoka market?

It's a small request!

John Brown

Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

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