ATS saga

Tukai Lagonilakeba Namaka, Nadi | Thursday, January 4, 2018
I refer to a fellow contributor and letter writer to this column Korina Waibuta relevant to the above issue and wish to add further that the ATS saga is being politicised by the many union heads and opposition politicians who are now finding it convenient to use the striking workers as pawns to further their own political mileage.

The Fijian public must be informed that ATS is governed by a board with the makeup from both the employees' side and shareholders alike to protect their many diverse business interests including industrial and employee issues.

I believe any grievances by the workers should be left to them and its management to find a workable solution.

I believe the ATS strike should not be labelled by Korina as a direct attack on our PM because we have capable and very highly qualified Cabinet members who are appointed ministers and are capable of dealing with the situation at ATS.

Our Prime Minister must not interfere in the internal affairs of the ATS board whereby majority of them are appointed through its relevant minister responsible Mr Sayed-Khaiyum who will collectively table his report on the strike as the Minister for Public Enterprise with the Minister for Employment, Labour and Industrial Relations to our PM when required to.

Korina passionately claimed, wrote and believes that the longer this strike moves on Mr Bainimarama will lose a lot of votes through our many young Fijian eligible voters.

I believe our PM would rather lose votes standing by the truth and the FijiFirst party principles than to win votes and not doing what is right by the people of this country.

I believe in the past election he and the FijiFirst party lost votes as he was doing his level best for all Fijians of this nation in an inclusive indiscriminate approach and he will not change it for anything in this world.

I believe that is democracy and the will of the nation though he commanded the highest popularity votes than any other candidate and it contributed to an overwhelming landslide victory for our ruling government.

I do hope our opposition political parties will not run out of steam campaigning before the 2018 national election.

I believe the FijiFirst party has yet to start simply because it is the government of the day.

Please let us all respect and kindly allow the current mediation process at ATS to take its course.

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