| Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Happiest country I'm still curious how do we calculate happiness? The FT 30/12 reports the Tebbutt global research states that Fiji is the happiest country in the globe. I said to myself we must have a lot of pretenders or we just love to suffer in silence. Happy 2018 Fiji. Jonas Bradburgh Makoi, Nasinu

Bonn cyclists

I would just like to know if any of the people who went to Bonn for climate change conference came back and rode a bicycle? I have a Hercules brand bike with foot brakes if anybody is interested in riding it or learning how to ride a bike please contact me. I stay about 80 metres north-west of Labasa Club.

Sukha Singh


Happy ranking

We learn from The Fiji Times that Fiji has been ranked the happiest country in the world (FT 30/12). The Fijian who charged us $5 per bu (green coconut) must certainly be a very happy Fijian. That sort of thing ? ripping off people ? seems to have become a new norm of happiness in Fiji.

Rajend Naidu

Raiwai, Suva

A day to celebrate

I believe it should be only a day to celebrate the New Year, which is enough for our children. To prolong celebrations to a week or more without thinking about school is not far off and will not be a good thing. Our children must be alert nowadays to situations like this. I think only of our children in the village. Please do so with a certain limit to your happy New Year celebrations.

Alex Waqalevu


Consensus please

The impasse at ATS has dragged on for close to three weeks now. Can leaders on both sides come to a consensus for a way out that would bring a win-win situation for both the company and its employees. I believe the current scenario speaks volumes of the leaders' inability to come to a middle ground, shake hands and move on. Where is the spirit of talanoa that we showed the world? It is home grown solutions and if it can be successful in Bonn, I know for sure it can work likewise in Namaka.

Ilaitia Bose


Rugby experts

Sukha Singh (FT 28/12) should also ask the Fiji Rugby Union to employ other writers to this column who purport to be rugby experts. Some even though they don't know them, wish them well. What a deception.

Amenatave Yaconisau

Palm Drive Delainavesi, Lami

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