ATS saga

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva | Wednesday, January 3, 2018
So if the ATS staff who are on strike decide to go back to work, what will happen to all their grievances?

From what we have learnt through the dailies, I believe the ATS workers have good reasons to go on strike.

I believe the fact that Government owns 51 per cent and staff own 49 per cent of ATS makes it a government vs workers saga.

Why is our PM not involved? He gets things sorted out and done within minutes when he waves his magic wand.

I believe the workers' union are planning a march in two weeks' time through Nadi Town and I hope this strike will not drag on that long.

Why is it so hard for Government or ATS management to do the right thing by paying up what is owed to workers in the past years and admit of its plan to sell off the workers' 49 per cent shares to an outside source?

I believe this is a government vs workers fight and workers represent the people whose one vote decides which government runs the nation.

My vote will certainly not go in favour of our current government leaders, if it uses its bullying tactics and does not do the right thing in keeping the ATS workers happy as per their original terms and conditions of partnership/ownership shares.

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