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| Monday, January 1, 2018


Interestingly the 2017 Fiji FACT and Battle of the Giants were won by Rewa while IDC and National Football League were won by Lautoka.

Oh yes, the Kamal Swamy-coached Lautoka side also took out the 2017 Pillay's Garments Champion vs Champion series.

What a year this has been for the boys in Blue.

Both the team management and players of both districts deserve commendation and praise for their respective achievements last year.

Rewa and Lautoka proved too powerful in last year's local soccer competition. If all attached with the teams remain united as they have been and show the same determination and commitment, they are a force to reckon with again this year.

We look forward for another year of torrid soccer battle and entertainment at the same time.

I hope the teams have started preparing as the league kick-off is only a few weeks away.

Suresh Chand




I refer to the news article on TV about tradesmen shortage in Fiji.

I believe sales people in retail stores are better paid than some tradespeople and the work is less tiring.

Whereas tradespeople after going through special training in vocational institutions realise they earn less and do more tiring work.

I believe this will continue to be a problem and has been for many years if pay isn't addressed.

Steven Chandra


A bit of


A little bit of mathematics to start the year 2018.

Today is 01/01/2018 meaning if you add them up, what magic number do you get ... your guess is as good as mine… number 1!

1+1 and 2+0+1+8=11.

Is this going to be the number 1 year for Fiji. All I can say is go Fiji, go, toso Viti number dua e vuravura.

Shalwyn Prasad

Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva



What are the questions that would have been asked to determine that Fiji is the happiest country in the world?

Anyone care to answer this?

Allen Lockington


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