My top awards

T Valentine, Lami | Monday, January 1, 2018
As an (ardent) reader of the dailies, I've got really good at identifying particular writers as early as a few words or a few lines without looking at the end to see who the actual scribe is.

A few writers (I'll just nominate the top three) hold strong to what they perceive to be the only way to a particular solution.

So it wasn't hard to go up to the proverbial gallery for votes to subject awards.

For the longest time spent around the grog basin with his mates I give Allen Lockington of (sic) appropriately named Kava Place.

For his swansong and four liners for shortest letters, I offer the "I believe" I can fly award to Dan Urai.

In third place for his insight to both the English and many dialects of the iTaukei language, I offer Paul Geraghty the gift of the gab (as he is such a joy to listen to).

To Allen, a baseball bat to help ward off k9s in stray dog alley, Dan, sorry Mr Urai, you get a set of boxing gloves for your "short" jabs and Mr Geraghty a magician's wand for conjuring insights to our failing English in schools.

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