Welcome 2018

Tomasi Boginiso, Nepani, Nasinu | Monday, January 1, 2018
Welcome 2018, expect the new year as an election year and we will be having a lot of politicians making their political moves to lure votes.

There will be huge promises and also a lot of fake news as Trump mentioned.

All we need to look at is are we satisfied with what is being provided to our children — free education, free bus fares, and the education system, are we OK with it? The senior citizens, are they being well looked after? Our daily lives, are we satisfied with what we are being provided? We need to look into all these areas and decide.

A new government will only be decided by you and me and we have come through many elections. For us who have been and have seen what has happened, most of us would not return to what we faced before but only want to live a better and a prosperous future.

Our parents of the past have gone through a lot of hardship to get food on the table, sacrificed a lot to get us to be in better places now. We only hope that some benefits we now have if only it was available then.

By this new year we should figure out who are the better, hardworking and dedicated politicians.

There were those who hardly said anything, there were those who only stirred up the debate, and there were types who just barked outside, and the main ones were the ones we only met at election time.

I believe another main factor is our religious faith. I believe we need to repair this. This faith of yours will help you decide your future. Faith in concept could also mean getting your house in order first. I believe there have been lots of broken families, broken marriages, child negligence, sexual abuse and lost faith.

I believe the outcome of the election of 2018 will very much decide your future. Vote wisely. A very happy new year to you all!

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