Wishing you a happy new year

Fred Wesley | Monday, January 1, 2018
Hooray! It's another new year! Surely there will be thousands of people around the world celebrating the dawn of another new year. It is a special occasion.

Today is when we celebrate a new beginning. For some though, life isn't as pleasant as many would want to make it out to be.

It does get to the point that different people will have different meanings attached to a day such as today.

You've got to admit though that many things will remain the same today.

There will be daylight and there will be nightfall at the end of that cycle.

In some places around the country, there will be rain. It will be sunny in some places, windy in some, and humid in some others. On a fine day, the sun will rise this morning in most places and later set this evening.

Not much will change with the way things are supposed to happen today. We are still on daylight saving, and we are still well into our annual cyclone season.

Today is significant though because it is the first day of a brand new year.

It is the perfect excuse to start afresh.

Let's face it, today could be the dawn of a new era. It could be the beginning of big things for many people. It could be the first step some of us take towards attaining goals.

Many people will set resolutions for this year. You may attempt to resist alcohol, cigarettes maybe, and some may attempt to do good this year. Many will be a bit more conscious of their health, some will want to change their attitude and some their behaviour.

There are many reasons people make resolutions. There are also many reasons some are successful and some fall short of their goals.

Today, thousands of people will wake up to different beginnings.

Some may still be sleepy after a long night waiting for the clock to tick past midnight. Some may be inebriated and some would be struggling to shrug off hangovers.

Whatever it is you plan to do on this special day, we hope you will live your dreams and aspirations.

Let us hope the New Year is just that — new, and not a rerun of 2017.

We should continue to look over our shoulders though, going over the year that was.

By doing so, we will have the benefit of experience to ensure we do not stumble over similar obstacles in 2018.

Thousands of people will be hoping for renewal, praying that somehow, things will get better this year.

Hope drives many people. It is the reason many of us will greet 2018 with enthusiasm.

Hope is that feeling deep inside us that suggests tomorrow can be better than today.

The Fiji Times values good journalism. We will always strive to be a source of information you can trust. Together we can contribute positively to our nation.

Let us focus on doing well the little things that matter.

Perhaps that should be our goal.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy New Year.

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