Final days

Kirti Patel, Lautoka | Sunday, December 31, 2017
We have entered the final day of 2017. What a year it was. Different people experienced it in many different ways.

Good for some and bad for some. There were also some to whom it didn't make any difference.

Many things may have changed for some such as change in their personal or professional life.

Maybe switch of job which some still are trying to digest or from being single to married or vice-versa.

God knows how many new lives came into this world and lives that were taken away.

So many events and activities took place all around and so many happenings. All in all, what impact this year will leave on us is something that would matter.

No matter how this year went by, let's hope to have a much better and positive 2018.

Somewhere along the line we can find room for improvements. Let's focus on that.

We thank all those people out on duty during this festive season because of them others could enjoy freely. May God bless you all.

So many wonderful pieces were written by wonderful writers. We say thank you for taking your time out to share your thoughts and to make a difference.

I personally found certain pieces to be ecstatic. To the writers, please keep your pen rolling whether it's to make a difference, to let know your thoughts and feelings or to simply "see your name in the papers and feel good about it", as some have indicated.

You know the reasons well for your writings and that is all that matters.

Human beings are bound to make mistakes but we learn from it.

Life is too short to keep dwelling over things and moving on is the way about.

Let's farewell this year with a positive mind and welcome the new year with the open arms.

We say thank you to all those who impacted us in any positive way throughout this year — 2017, time to say goodbye.


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