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| Saturday, December 30, 2017
Rugby opinion Vinaka Sukha Singh for your opinion on me as a rugby expert. All I can say is that I breathe, sleep, talk, snore, dream, see and above all am passionate about the game. Rakavi dua na qito joka ... khabhj jito khabhi haro. Happy New Year 2018 Mr Singh and all readers. Shalwyn Prasad Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva



Good to see our city and town councils move with technology and introduce street sweeping machines. I would like to thank Parveen Kumar for the vision he has for all towns. You move all town and city councils two steps forward every year. The people of Lautoka are grateful to Mr Kumar and the city council for doing a wonderful job in moving Lautoka forward.

Narayan Reddy




CAN Mr Bainimarama's Government find a solution to the ATS lockout?

John Brown

Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka



WHAT does media partiality mean? What happens when media is pre-dispositioned and prejudiced in its reporting? How does one overcome this? I believe when media begin to take sides everyone will know but few will stand up against such biased reporting for fear of being intimidated. History has recorded such instances thus the mainstream will tolerate along, until truth and integrity exclaims its objection and tolerating no more. Overcoming this means not taking media reports seriously and training our children to identify false from genuine authentic sources.

Finau Naigulevu Turaga

Nadi Airport



I believe history has shown industrial disputes prior to an election changes people's outlook of government.

Dan Urai




NOW, as we are about to close one chapter, the pen is gradually inking up, preparing itself to write the next. - Mie Hansson.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

Is it a


"How not to win friends and influence people" -- simply disregard the plight and grievances of the ATS workers!

Colin Deoki


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