Back to my roots

Lawrence Wara, Suva | Saturday, December 30, 2017
AS the countdown to 2018 begins, I urge all Fijians to take the time to return to the most important thing in life, in our culture and our individual religious beliefs, which is family.

As I write this a familiar song sung by the late Lucky Dube comes to mind, "Back to my roots" and that is what we all should do this weekend.

Let's take stock of 2017, the good, the bad and the what ifs and if possible sit down together as a family and sort out whatever differences that may have transpired over 2017 and set out goals for 2018, so come the new year we can see a decline in such statistics as rape, abuse of children, unfortunate accidents that lead to death such as drowning and our road death toll and even the wellbeing of every citizen.

We should all plan for success in 2018 and together we can make the change we want for ourselves, our families and our nation.

May God Bless Fiji.

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