One day to go

Fred Wesley | Saturday, December 30, 2017
WE are now just a day away from another new year. Today is the last Saturday for 2017. As we begin our countdown to the new year, surely there will be a lot to ponder on.

This year has had its ups and downs. There were many events that would have left a lasting impression on our minds.

It has been one with many lessons for different people.

As we round off another year and prepare for a brand new one, we should embrace factors that would have a positive impact on our lives.

There were a couple of accidents this month that will leave a negative impression on our minds and on the families affected.

We hope there are more families that will be happy and looking forward positively to January 1.

Much like the Christmas break, there will be a lot of travelling as families move around the country once more.

There will be trips to beaches around the country, and there will be a lot of eating and drinking, and parties to welcome the New Year.

For many families, today is an opportunity to plan how they leave 2017 and embrace 2018.

We should remind ourselves of the importance of safety issues again, and our commitment to sticking to road rules.

Let's focus on common sense when out at our many beaches or at any waterway.

This is also a period when many people make resolutions.

Whether they are able to stick to them or not is besides the point though. Let's usher in the New Year with positive vibes. Let's also reflect on the year that was to get our bearings as we move forward.

Police spokesperson Inspector Jokatama Qio yesterday urged people to be responsible.

As he said, if you are planning to drink, then plan to catch a cab, a bus or get someone to drive for you.

He said the cases of fatal accidents reported around the country during the Christmas weekend should not be repeated.

Pedestrians, he said, should also be responsible while using the roads.

He urged parents to supervise their children and to be vigilant over this festive weekend.

So let's stick to laws that govern our road usage, plan our journey well, plan to arrive on time alive, and be sensible.

There will definitely be a lot of parties, eating and drinking. So let's be careful and be considerate as we count down the days to January 1.

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