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| Friday, December 29, 2017
ATS vacancies I believe the overwhelming response ATS received for short term vacancies recently advertised actually reflects the number of unemployed people we have in Fiji. Narayan Reddy Lautoka

ATS saga

The ATS saga is now on its 13th day. Some say it is an 'attack' on the workers, unions, ATS board or Government. I believe it is an 'attack' on Prime Minister Bainimarama. I believe the longer this problem plays out, the more voters our Prime Minister will lose - young voters are watching.

Korina Waibuta


Sweeping machines

Good to see our Government invests in sweeping machines for towns and cities. I only hope the machines will be looked after. I believe Lautoka recently received new garbage collection trucks but I can see them using a hired truck at the moment because of frequent breakdowns.

John Brown

Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka



I thank the Ministry of Agriculture and the Director for Animal Health for rounding up stray animals. These wandering stray animals cause great damage to others, and it's good they are a source of income to the ministry if unclaimed (FT 28/12). These animals that go astray must be limited.

Amenatave Yaconisau

Palm Drive, Delainavesi



I really want to thank all who have helped reconstruct the Nadi Town main street footpath. I see that the new footpaths have little or no walking obstacles such as open water meter chambers, bumps and cracks, etc., which is really good for all using the street daily.

Actually this is how our walkways are supposed to be. I think the council should keep upgrading the remaining streets and areas within the town boundary in the same manner from next year.

I firmly believe that footpaths not only beautify the place but also improve the peoples' safety and accessibility at the same time. I think if we bring about such changes and address the traffic congestion and add more public toilets along with curtailing flooding, Nadi Town is ready to be declared a city. Let's continue with the good work.

Suresh Chand




I believe media control undermines good journalism and ensures those in power are not held accountable.

Dan Urai


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