Unfortunate scenario

Emosi Balei, Suva | Friday, December 29, 2017
THE situation unfolding between the management and employees of Air Terminal Services is unfortunate.

I am of the view that the position taken by the board and management has escalated the situation where the conditions demanded by the board have forced the two sides to stand their ground and impose continuing difficulties on airline services at Nadi Airport.

It would be naive for any employee to admit an error of judgment and sign their right away for a proper disciplinary inquiry.

On the other hand the chairman, in my opinion, has given the indication that they would not be moving from their position soon.

I think that this deadlock would have been avoided if the employees were not locked out in the first place, but instead, they be charged individually under the company's disciplinary procedures for leaving their posts and given the opportunity to defend themselves.

I believe this is natural justice in motion.

Just my two cents worth so that services are not affected at the airport and employees are given the opportunity to answer for their actions.

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