Starting afresh

Lawrence Wara, Suva | Friday, December 29, 2017
HEY now I know we are counting down the days towards 2018 and as such we should put aside all negativity and start the new year afresh right.

Well that's what I had planned until we hired a vehicle to cater for our travelling needs this past long weekend.

I must tell you I used to think those talking about the state of potholes on our roads were like dogs barking in the night. It's irritating and unstoppable.

Not until I witnessed it first-hand and those potholes sure could host a lovo or two, some so ridiculous and so deep even the front bumper of the car went in and to make it worse they just created a nice new smooth road in my old neighbourhood, but neglected to level it with the turn into Whippy St.

Turning into my old yasa you can just feel the road scrape the bottom of your vehicle as it is too high.

I hope the new minister will look into the plight of proper drainage as I believe this is the cause of the minefield like potholes up Khalsa and not forgetting the unfinished roadworks.

Oh well being the sceptic that I am and trying not to make our New Year's celebration sour, I will just bear and grin and pray to God and always hope for the best.

Blessed New Year Fiji.

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