ATS situation

Catherin Yan, Delainavesi, Lami | Friday, December 29, 2017
ABOUT the ATS workers/management situation, it is very unfortunate that this has happened during the Christmas season.

I would like to remain neutral about this matter because I believe the only people who would know what is really going on are the two parties involved — workers and management.

As a concerned member of the public, the issues faced by the workers and management must be resolved amicably. I do hear the management's concern and I do hear the workers' concern too.

I believe this is really an internal problem and the faster people and parties put aside their personal agendas, the better the mediation process in producing a win-win outcome.

We are all workers. We have needs, we have expenses, we need income flowing into our bank account, cost of living is not going down and a constructive dialogue must be deployed by the trade union and management of ATS. Both parties may be asked to apologise for their oversight or mistake, if necessary in order for dialogue to move into solution that is actionable.

Let me reiterate no one really knows the extent of the issue or issues in terms of working conditions and pay faced by the workers except the workers and management.

We should in support give them breathing space to resolve their internal issue with the assistance of a professional mediator.

Later on ATS and the trade union representatives can give a press release on the outcome of the mediation.

Can the public and media do this? Come on the New Year is around the corner and everyone wants to celebrate with a new leaf.

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