Minister of Happiness

Moses Fong,Suva | Thursday, December 28, 2017

THE other week, driving in heavy traffic, there was a light-hearted discussion on the BBC channel 88.2 about a Minister of Happiness appointed by a government in Africa; the traffic was busy (so was the sieve-like memory box).

I cannot recollect names of the persons or the country they were talking about. I too thought it was a funny, for, how does such a ministry (or minister) bring about that oft-illusive mode of feeling?

Our "300 and some islands" is a happy country; we are happily governed by happy incumbents, there are not many things that make us unhappy, so I believe there is no need to have a Minister of Happiness in our country, in our government.

Not many things are our people unhappy about; the one issue though is the ATS dispute that should be brought to an amicable end, now that the minister responsible has finally entered the fray.

It sort of conjures an imaginary boxing bout, say a middleweight contest, and to put fear into the opponent's corner, a super-heavyweight comes in first and does a round or two of shadow-sparring.

But that's a different story.

Our country happily does not need a Minister of Happiness: mind you, if it made some people happier thinking we needed one, might I suggest there are many already happy ones, who will raise a hand to be considered.

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