Plans for the year

Mohammed Imraz Janif,Natabua, Lautoka | Thursday, December 28, 2017

IT is nearly that time of the year when people will make all sorts of plans for the coming year.

This has become a common practice since the ancient Babylonians started it about 4000 years ago before crop planting commencement.

Most people would resolve to change something about their personal life. It may range from accomplishing a personal goal to improving life standard.

Unfortunately, for many people their resolutions fade away as they become sober or when the merrymaking is over.

Planning is just part of the equation. The acid test comes in the daily routine to achieving a goal.

I would suggest to all readers to set specific and realistic goals.

If it seems too difficult, instead of giving up, go in stages.

Self-motivation and strong commitment are powerful virtues.

Apart from planning for the coming year, it is equally beneficial to look back at the passing year.

It has given us so much.

Wishing everyone a successful 2018!

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