ATS inquiry

Rick Rickman,Lautoka | Thursday, December 28, 2017

ATS strike or lockout, it matters not which it is, the matter should be resolved.

The fact is there were a lot of indications for a long time that all was not well in the ATS organisation and it appears nothing was done about it by the board or management, which would equate to poor management.

ATS is a multi-faceted service provider and on the whole provides an excellent service. However, it seemed that the baggage handling division is the weak link in the chain.

It may have been frustration, lack of ability or just basic carelessness that has previously resulted in ATS service vehicles being in costly collisions with equipment, buildings, walkway supports and aircraft (none of which were moving at the time).

Compared with other countries I have visited, the baggage handling at Nadi International Airport is slow and when it rains it is worse. Perhaps, management could take another look at the baggage handling system.

As to the all-powerful ATS board, a simple question: "Why would you remove from the board members the individual or individuals representing 49 per cent of the shareholding and why would you refuse to consider cost of living index wage compensation?"

One wonders, if the rot started at the top.

However, it matters not whether it did or not. This is the season of goodwill to all men (and women), it is Christmas, call a truce, and agree to independent arbitration.

In fact, we could go one step further and have a board of inquiry into the whole fiasco and put measures in place to ensure it never occurs again or would that be an unacceptable risk?

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