Little things that matter

Fred Wesley | Thursday, December 28, 2017
IT was one of those bright and sunny days in the Capital City yesterday morning. It was almost a rollover from two lovely days, on Christmas Day and on Boxing Day, except that yesterday, clouds hovered towards the afternoon.
Fred Wesley
Fred Wesley

Surely, many people enjoyed their Christmas break.

However, as they did there were many others who, for various reasons, struggled to make ends meet.

As the masses enjoyed themselves, thousands more were at work to ensure the rest of us enjoyed ourselves.

We are now just three days away from another new year.

As many of us struggle to get back into the grind of daily work, surely, there is a beacon of light at the end of the week.

Could this be something that is causing many people to have that touch of motivation missing at work?

However one looks at it, we can never forget that we work for very important reasons.

Aside from putting food on the table for the family, for ourselves, and for whatever other reason we may have, there is the bit about keeping our economy vibrant.

We are important parts of the mechanism that keeps our nation ticking.

By the end of this working week though, just like clockwork, the masses will again be on the road, lapping up the festivities once more.

Many would have spent the Christmas Day long weekend with relatives, or at destinations away from home.

Many would have spent their day at the many beaches we have scattered around the country.

It is unfortunate though, we still have drivers who are disregarding simple road rules.

There were drivers still exceeding speed limits.

Let's get off the mobile phone when out driving.

Let's be mindful of other users of our roads.

It is frightening to see some drivers pressing on the accelerator and driving dangerously past other vehicles on the highway.

These inconsiderate drivers must be removed from our roads.

We should remind ourselves to take precautions to minimise accidents on our roads and our waterways and picnic spots.

We should be vigilant, embrace safety measures and keep a tab on loved ones.

Remember also, we are still in the cyclone season.

We have to be proactive and keep our homes safe.

Lest we forget, another school year looms, so let's keep aside some cash for the start of the First Term.

Surely, it pays to be focused, proactive and vigilant.

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