Television program

Lawrence H Narayan Suva | Wednesday, December 27, 2017
As we come to end of the year, some of us come to realise there are many people and organisations that deserve our appreciation. They provide important information and services to us making our lives much easier and knowledgeable than what we would have experienced without their help.

I would like to personally thank the management and staff of all our local television stations and newspapers who have kept us fully updated through news and current events as well as many live events featuring classic and inspirational programming that the whole family can enjoy.

My special thanks to FBC TV for its many innovative ideas and segments such as Cucurui with its English subtitles.

This is one program I love to watch every Thursday night hosted by Malakai Qaqacava.

If there was a prize for the best program host of the year, I would certainly vote for Malakai. I find him to be simple and natural in his presentation. The best guest for Cucurui 2017 in my opinion would be Pastor Manasa Kolivusu with his clear-cut biblical teachings from the Bible.

Thank you all and may you have a fruitful and blessed 2018.

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