| Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The joy of Christmas

ON Christmas Day many families will be without the Christmas feast that is customary for this day. For those that have, please ensure that you are not wasteful for there are those that are without this Christmas Day feast. Merry Christmas and God bless.

Nigel Fiu


Alcohol factor

WHY is Christmas break or parties linked to alcohol?

Dan Urai


We can solve it

THE ATS impasse can be solved the traditional Fijian way or have we forgotten how because the main "players" aren't versed in the true spirit of reconciliation Fijian style? We talk a lot about the talanoa and the bula spirit, but do we actually walk the talk. Come on guys, sa rauta it's Christmas time.

Colin Deoki


Gareth Baber

Gareth Baber's only win since taking up the sevens coach job was in Hong Kong in 2017. I believe the magic touch in that win was the robust Isake Katonibau's influence. What is stopping Gareth and the team to start the New Year with Ice in the mix again? We need a ball scavenger and hard and ferocious tackler like Isake to inspire the boys during crucial games. Remember we have Cape Town champs New Zealand to counter and the ever improving Samoans in our pool in Sydney sevens 2018. The magic of Ice and the captain of the team in sight. Go Fiji. Toso mada.

Shalwyn Prasad

Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

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