Special people

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva | Tuesday, December 26, 2017
OUT here surrounded by trees, peace and quiet of the Nawaka backroad in Nadi, an inspired thought popped up in my mind as I meditated on the background of Christmas — God becoming a human being.

My conclusion just blew my mind as it was clearly evident that you and I are the most precious of all God's creation. The Bible teaches that before the world was created, God the Son had made a covenant with His Father that if man would choose to sin, He would become a man to redeem and save mankind.

Imagine God the Son, being a spirit, forming man from the dust of the ground.

Imagine being omniscient and knowing the future from the past, that this man He was about to breathe life into, can choose to sin and activate the old covenant made before Creation.

Imagine the God who created human beings, becoming a human, living a sinless life and dying to redeem us and return us to His original intension of Creation.

Christmas marks God the Son's exit from being a spirit to being human and forever be one with humanity.

Wow! You and I must be special and most precious for the God of the universe to sacrifice so much for us.

Meditate on this thought this Christmas and coming new year 2018.

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