Exercise maturity

Selwa Nandan, Lautoka | Tuesday, December 26, 2017
A LOT has been said and heard on the ensuing standoff between the ATS workers and the management with some suggesting mediation by a party to bring the impasse to an end.

I think we need to be forthright and exercise more maturity in dealing with the issue rather than taking sides.

I believe nobody in his right mind can deny that what happened on the day in question was not right.

One just cannot walk away from his work without prior notification or without first informing his supervisor. That's tantamount to desertion of duty.

Surely that is not the way to express your resentment against the management for failing to address your grievances. Imagine what will happen if all the workers in this country including public servants start doing the same.

Ironically, I find the action by the workers by virtue of being co-owners of ATS as protesting against their own company.

In my view the dispute can be resolved amicably and quickly between both parties if they are really genuine about negotiating in good faith and are open to dialogue.

The solution is very simple. All the suspended workers need to do is walk up to the management and say "I am sorry for what I did was wrong. I should have informed my supervisor before leaving my duty".

And in reciprocation the response from the management should be: "Your apology is accepted in this instance, but don't do this again."

Both shake hands and hug each other agreeing to let bygones be bygones.

Let's get back to work.

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