ATS saga

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu | Tuesday, December 26, 2017

OF the 639 ATS employees, about 280 walked off the job to attend a union meeting.

The sensible majority continue to work and we now see some from the 280 returning.

It wouldn't surprise me that the remaining diehard, irresponsible walkouts are the very narrow-minded ones that Sharveen Chaudhry of Nausori labeled me as (FT:23/12).

They are the very ones who ought to have thought twice and not me, Alex Waqalevu (FT:23/12).

While Utiko Nabunobuno agrees with me on the simple fact that our economic status needs us to be working, I disagree with his assumption of working under draconian conditions (FT:23/12).

I believe it is evident throughout the nation that we have a great deal of unproductive, ineffective working people.

First and foremost, it is here where we need to step up several notches to be of worthiness.

There is nothing about this fiasco to be sympathetic about, Vijay Naidu (FT:23/12).

Unions are also part to blame for being unproductive.

I believe the politicians in support of the walkouts are nothing more than political opportunists in for their own gain and nothing more.

I have one question for all the politicians and unionists who made the time and effort to visit the walkouts.

Have any of you taken the time and effort to go sit and talk with the thousands of disregarded, unemployed people of this country?

There are thousands desperate for work.

There are many families without a single dime of income. There are many who haven't had a decent, healthy meal in a long while.

These are the people you ought to be supporting, not those who already have a job and continue to demand more.

Whatever the circumstances are, surrounding this impasse it is certainly of no significance to the majority of ATS workers.

The least productive people are usually the ones in most favour of holding meetings for anything.

Get real people!

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