Mediation process

Vijay Naidu, Nailuva Rd, Raiwai, Suva | Saturday, December 23, 2017
I write in response to Simon Hazelman's letter (FT 21/12) regarding the supposed ATS debacle that smacks of extreme anti-worker and anti-union bias.

He is entitled to his rather unsympathetic and ultimately unhelpful views.

In contrast to his anti-union standpoint, I believe Nesbitt Hazelman (FT 22/12), the CEO of Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation, has a mature and responsible suggestion that the six-day saga is best resolved through a mediation process by an independent tribunal.

I believe it is apparent that the deadlock between ATS staff members and management is a product of a combination of longstanding grievances by workers of their treatment by management, and recent miscommunication, and even lack of communication between the two parties.

I believe Fiji cannot afford to have this kind of disruptive relationship between management and staff members at its main international airport.

An independent tribunal may provide the solution to the impasse and to improving the relationship between management and staff members.

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